About Us

We're a small Independant Business

Alvarium is the hottest new establishment, located in a secret corner of the Northern Quarter. Alvarium is a Latin word that loosely translates to beehive in English. In this spirit, we are quickly becoming the central meeting place for our wonderful customers to meet and have a great time, without the sting of pinching prices.

What we offer

Since opening in April 2019, we have gone from strength to strength, offering a great range of delicious drinks, fantastic food and an atmosphere that is attuned to your needs. Whether you're on a first date, out for a quick catch up with friends or looking for a cheeky night out, we've got you. 

Why us?

Having been set up by people who have worked in the bar and restaurant industry for many years, our staff know exactly how customer service ought to be. Our central mission is to make you feel at home and relaxed, with our outstanding team providing great conversation and friendship for anyone who is looking for it.